Known to most as the Steel Butterfly, Prisma's origin is a mystery.  She's responsible for attacks on various towns and cities, in which multiple people have disappeared.

Despite her arrogant demeanor, Prisma has tremendous respect for those who would face her directly, and will refuse to accept an easy victory.



A diamond in the rough, nobody takes Maggie seriously.  She hides out in a workshop on the outskirts of Asteria, hoping to finally build something that will wow people.

Most humans would use staves or tomes to channel mana, but Maggie has remote controlled puppets to do her bidding.  Unfortunately, they're bound to her own mana, so she gets hurt if the puppets are damaged.



The voice of the raging ocean, Maya is a world-renowned musician and mercenary!  Maya shares in Casey's shady past, but unlike Casey, she never moved on from it.

Maya's siren charm makes her a deadly opponent, easily manipulating her victims into vulnerable positions.  No matter who she fights, she's the one in control.

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