Gale is a skilled engineer who uses her intelligence and wit to get her though any situation.

Being a human, Gale is unable to naturally cast magic.  But with her custom-built tech and her quick thinking, she can catch her enemies off guard.

Gale's ability, Critical Strike, locks on to an enemy in front of her, and can deal extra damage if the target is vulnerable.



Fia is a celestial fairy from the palace above the sky.  New to the surface world, she hopes to learn everything she can.

Much like the celestial queen herself, Fia prefers to avoid conflict, so she uses her powerful magic to defend herself and her teammates.

Fia's ability, Temporal Warp, freezes the flow of time, and allows her to safely pass through hazards.



Casey is a former gangster turned hero. With a firey personality and attacks to match, her strength is a valuable asset to the team.

Just like her old days, Casey likes to let her fists do the talking.  Her combat style is close range and fierce.

Casey's ability, Dragon's Fist, can destroy certain types of hazards, as well as stun enemies for a short time.



HQ is the team's navigator and intel expert.  She's thoughtful, resourceful, and always makes sure the team has everything they need.

Since she has trouble flying, HQ stays at the base and gathers information to point our heroes in the right direction.